Innocence run U18 events periodically throughout the year in relation to the school holiday calendar.

Open to 13-17 year olds, with doors open 7pm – midnight. Advanced tickets for under 18 events can be purchased via innocence.fatsoma.com

To view the latest U18 event please click here

General Policy

As a part of our commitment to offering quality entertainment to 13-17 year olds in a safe and friendly environment we take the following steps:

We will ensure that;

  • Entry is in accordance with our Admission Policy and the age restrictions are strictly adhered to. Innocence U18 events are only for people who are 13 to 17 years old.
  • Only soft drinks are on sale; no alcohol branding is displayed and that no alcohol is sold or dispensed at any Innocence U18 event.
  • Cigarette machines are disabled, turned around and that smoking is prohibited at any Innocence U18 event.
  • We inform the local Police as an when in advance that we are operating an U18 event.


Please see the events page for more information or contact us directly with any enquiries:

Email: info@innocenceuk.com